Supporting people to live and grow in our communities

Supporting people to live and grow in our communities

Our Vision & Mission


We believe in understanding and developing the strengths of our residents to foster greater independence and participation in their local communities.


Our service is based around our five core values of Energy, Kindness, Empowerment, Quality and Happiness. These values underpin our strengths-based and person-centred approach, which together form the ethos of our service.

Quality Assurance

From careful team selection to robust policies and procedures, we constantly review how to deliver the best outcomes for the people we support.

For the people we support to achieve their full potential and prosper in a supportive environment, we have embodied quality at the heart of our culture. As well as having a robust quality oversight and clinical governance structure in place, this cultural focus encourages all of our team members to consider the quality of our service delivery at all times and reflect on improvements that we can make.

As a trusted service provider to the HSE and a provider of HIQA-regulated services, Embrace is also held to the highest standards of residential and community care services and partakes in annual or more frequent service inspections.


Our Service

Residential Support Services

Our strengths-based service provides community residential services and supported living services for people with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Intellectual Disabilities and Acquired Brain Injury.

We focus on empowering people to develop greater levels of independence and community integration, so that they can transition to more independent living environments within our continuum of care offering.