Our Commitment To Quality

From careful team selection to robust policies and processes, we constantly review how we can deliver the best outcomes for the people we support


Our Quality Process

Quality Regulation and Accreditation

For the people we support to achieve their full potential and prosper in a supportive environment, we have embodied quality at the heart of our culture. As well as having a robust quality oversight and clinical governance structure in place, this cultural focus encourages all of our team members to consider the quality of our service delivery at all times and reflect on improvements that we can make.

As a trusted service provider to the HSE and a provider of HIQA-regulated services, Embrace is also held to the highest standards of residential and community care services and partakes in annual or more frequent service inspections.



Our residential services are regulated by the Health, Information and Quality Authority (HIQA) which undertakes regular inspections of our services. HIQA provides a valuable role in setting the standards of care in Ireland and ensuring compliance and accountability towards these standards.

HIQA publishes inspection reports on all of our residential services which can be accessed online at any time. In addition to HIQA inspections, we carry out our own internal quality audits on a systematic basis in order to continuously test and assess our performance against the standards required.

View Our HIQA inspection Reports


Responding to incidents, understanding why they happened and implementing changes to ensure they don’t recur is the essence of our Clinical Governance approach.

The simplification of this message, reinforced through robust training helps to remind all team members of the importance of Clinical Governance in the way we work. This awareness ensures that improvements can be identified at the earliest possible juncture, ensuring our commitment to continuous improvement.

Our Governance Structure