Our Approach

We focus on training, empowering and supporting our staff to deliver our quality objectives.


Our Approach To Care

The training and support we provide to our team provides the foundation for delivering on the robust, regulatory reporting structures that we have in place.

Our management team and on-site reporting structures are built to complement the quality assurance structure we have in place. Each house has a designated Person in Charge (PIC) who is responsible for all reporting to HIQA. As well as the completion of regulatory submissions, this person completes an internal monthly quality assurance report which is reviewed by the Clinical Governance board.

The Clinical Governance board reviews all PIC quality assurance reports and determines whether any policy or process changes are required. Any new or updated policies or procedures are communicated through the PIC who is responsible for updating their team on these changes and overseeing compliance during the implementation stages.

Choosing Your Home

Embrace owns all of its houses. This affords the greatest level of flexibility when designing the highest-quality home for the people we support. With Embrace, you can be confident that you will be living in a bright, warm and family-orientated home.

Working With Families

Moving into a new home can be an exciting time but it can also present many challenges and be daunting for families. We work with families every step of the way to ensure a smooth welcome and we maintain your involvement throughout our provision of support.

Community Engagement

To provide a holistic strengths-based service, we recognise that community engagement is a two-pronged approach. As well as partaking in the local community through shopping, exercise and social activities, we will also seek ways that allow us to give back to those around us.